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What are the "Big Three"?

Though the methods from College Out of the Box can be used for any college, and with pretty much any degree, and works for any age, the most economical and less time consuming way would be to get your degree through one of the "Big Three" accredited colleges.

Just what are the "Big Three"? Historically, that term always referred to Harvard, Yale, and Princeton, especially in the 1880's when these three schools dominated college football. But when we are talking about getting your college degree in less time, for less money, and with NO student debt, there are some new boys on the block dominating. Though no one really knows how they got the moniker, the "Big Three" now refers to these regionally accredited institutions in America: Thomas Edison State University, Excelsior College, and Charter Oak College.

These schools are very generous in how many, and what types of outside credits they accept. They are extremely flexible and affordable. Most schools severely limit how many credits one can transfer in to apply to a degree, but these schools practically have NO LIMIT on the amount. As long as the credits come from other regionally accredited schools or have been evaluated by the American Council on Education (ACE), they should be applicable. Because of this, these schools have become VERY popular with homeschoolers, non-traditional students, adults, or those wanting to earn many credits with credit-by-exam or on their own time.

If you are a self-directed learner, who doesn't want to spend wasted time on campuses, or who doesn't want to spend THOUSANDS of dollars on your undergraduate degree, one of these three schools may be for you. With over one hundred areas of study you are sure to find a major that fits your passion. You are able to work at your own pace and completely online, if you so wish, to maximize your time. If you have previously earned credits from other colleges or ACE approved courses, you can transfer those in as well. These colleges are regionally accredited which is a nationally recognized accreditation and the "gold standard" of institutional accreditation. The best part- they cost a FRACTION of what most colleges cost. Plus, if you are earning your credits through CLEP, DSST, online ACE courses, portfolio reviews, or the many other ways you can earn credits (and at a significantly lesser amount), you can wait until you have accumulated most of the credits needed for your degree before transferring those in and then only paying for the classes you need or just one year's worth of tuition! This amount is usually less than $10,000, and, for those who transfer in most of their credits, can be between $3,000-$6,000!

As Mike D. notes in the article I reference below: " NOTE: These are NOT for-profit schools, nor are they “nationally accredited.” Two of the “Big 3” are public state schools, and one (Excelsior) is private and formerly known as Regents College (formed by the New York State Board of Regents). These are reputable schools catering to adult students and in several cases have had students go on to top tier graduate schools like Harvard, Yale, and MIT." All three colleges will open doors to you whether you want to go on to graduate school, start a business, begin your career, etc.... A student could literally get their undergraduate degree in less than a year (some have done it in just MONTHS!), go on to graduate school, and start their career all before their peers have even graduated from college (and many, like my son, have gotten their degrees before high school graduation age!)

If the cost of college or the idea of taking out student loans is freaking you out, College Out of the Box is the way to go. It is a method (explained in an EBook) that takes you through the alternatives and nontraditional routes to college as well as the various ways to earn college credits (it's not just CLEPs or dual credit anymore!) Like I said previously, you can apply these methods to any college you want to go to (up to the amount of outside credits they will accept) as well as for practically any major you are interested in. BUT, if you want to get your whole degree in the least amount of time, for the least amount of money, and with the most flexibility, going through one of the Big Three colleges would be your best route. Do your research, and find out which one works for you!

(Below is a great article about the Big Three colleges along with links to each one of the Big Three so you can check out what they offer. Also be sure to check out my free 2018 Seminar on You Tube, like my FaceBook page for updated information, or check out the EBook on Amazon!)

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