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It's a NEW Year! Learn a NEW way to earn your college degree!

Every time I travel or speak, I always hear the same few comments, "Why haven't I heard this before?", or "I didn't know you could do that!", or "I'm so glad I found out about this!" What are they all referring to? College Out of the Box- a way to earn your college degree in less time, for less money, and with NO student debt- no matter your age.

We are all so "programmed" to think that to get a good job or to get ahead in life, you go to high school, graduate with great grades and a ton of volunteer hours, score high on your SAT or ACT tests, get into a "good" college, spend your "4" years there, graduate, and because you "followed the rules" you should now be able to get a good job and live happily ever after! However, the statistics and studies are showing something totally different. As a matter of fact, many experts are saying that the traditional 4-year brick and mortar schools are becoming obsolete, that the traditional college degree is not worth the money spent on it, and that professionals are now realizing that they would rather train their employees rather than have to "untrain" them from the stuff they learned in college. They are seeing that most graduates are wholly unprepared for the real world and that a lot of the information and technology they learned in college is old news and outdated by the time they graduate (most in 5-7 years, not the 4 years most think it takes). It's a new world since we, as parents, all graduated from college, and we need to re-evaluate our preconceived notions of what makes a good education or a successful person in today's job market and economy.

That's where College Out of the Box comes in. Did you know you could literally earn your degree in a year or two, all at your own pace, AND for just a few thousand dollars? While you are earning your degree (on your own time) you could be getting work experience, starting your own business, traveling, writing a book, or whatever your heart desires (all things that look awesome on a resume, by the way!) COB combines all the various ways you can get college credit (it's NOT just CLEP & dual credit anymore!) and shows you how you can tailor those to the way you learn best into a degree of your choosing. Whether you are in jr. high or high school, just graduated, or an adult, College Out of the Box can work for you! I put all the information you need in an easy to read EBook (available on Amazon- see link at bottom) with all the links right at your fingertips.

My son was able to earn his associates degree by age 15 and his accredited bachelor's degree by 17 using the methods discussed in College Out of the Box. Most of it was just by combing the work he was already doing for his high school studies with earning college credits. BUT he never took a dual credit course and only ended up taking 5 CLEPs to do it! He earned all of his credits in a variety of other ways (which are discussed on my website, FaceBook page, in some of my videos, and in the EBook). If you want to try something new or are an "Out of the Box" type, or if you think traditional college may not be the route for you, or if you don't want to spend YEARS in classes or THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS doing so, COB may be just what you are looking for!

I always say that I know it can be scary "stepping out of the box" and following a path that takes us out of our comfort zone or that which is unfamiliar, but oftentimes that is when you reap the best rewards. It's the brave few who are willing to try something new who stand out from the crowd.

Look around you, kids are spending an average 4-7 years in college, paying tens of thousands of dollars, graduating with huge debt, and still not able to find a high enough paying job when it comes time to graduate. Why do college the way everyone else does when there is a better, more efficient way? Don't be like all those people I encounter who say, "I wish I had heard this earlier- I would have done things a lot differently!". Instead, embrace the new year and open up your mind to new possibilities!

If you are interested in purchasing the EBook College Out of the Box- here's the link: