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College Facts: Did You Know...?

Did You Know...?

- 1 in 3 students drop out their first year of college? And only about half actually graduate?

-The average student graduates with $40,000 of debt (and that is a conservative number!)?

-It takes anywhere between 10-21 years AFTER college to pay that debt off?

-35% of loan holders under age of 30 are seriously delinquent in their payments?

-Only about 36% of full-time students get their degree within the "normal" 4 years (the average now is 5-6 years)?

-85% of graduates do NOT work in their field of study?

-Tuition has gone up 400% since 1982?

- The average monthly student loan payment is about $432?

-U.S. college textbook prices have risen over 1,000% since 1977? That's faster than tuition, health care costs, the housing market, and inflation!

-Over 2 million college graduates are unemployed or underemployed?

- Most people will now hold anywhere between 10-12 different jobs or careers in their lifetime?

- About 80% of college students change their major at least ONCE? But what is scary is that, on average, college students change their majors at least 3 TIMES over their college careers! (More years of college = more tuition!!)

-Only about 30-35% of U.S. citizens actually HAVE a college degree?

- 60% of all college students receive no financial help from their parents?

-Over 2 million people over the AGE OF 60 are STILL paying off student debt!

- Only .3% of students earn a full-ride scholarship?

- Students only spend an average of 2-3 hours a day in classrooms or on academics while the rest of the time is spent doing other things (like partying, hanging out, sports, etc...)?

- About 42% of college students admit to feeling "down, depressed, or hopeless" about their future?

-The average family spends about $1,000/year on beginning of the year school supplies and merchandise for the college freshman?

- Incomes for graduates are steadily declining?

- 85% of students MOVE BACK HOME after graduations because they can't afford living on their own what with their student loan debt, not being able to find a job, and the cost of living!

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