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What are MOOCs and could these get you College Credit?

If you haven't heard of MOOCs you may be missing out on some great educational opportunities from some of the best teachers in the world. MOOCs, or Massive Open Online Courses, are FREE online college-level classes open to ANYONE who wants to take them. MOOCs give students the option of studying a subject in depth, at their own pace, and wherever in the world they happen to be, without the constraints of a traditional university course. There are often weekly quizzes or assignments that are a good opportunity for students to test their knowledge in the subject. The recorded videos and material make it easy to review the lectures as often as needed. Most of the learning materials needed for the class are also provided online for free. With thousands of students (and professors) around the world attending the same online classes, you are able to engage and connect with them in online discussions. MOOCs are a great way to boost your knowledge and give you the opportunity to be able to learn from some of the greatest teachers and world famous universities in that particular subject area without having to pay the huge tuition costs.

Websites such as Coursera, edX, Academic Earth, and Udacity offer a variety of free subjects online. You may be familiar with Khan Academy, which began as a series of YouTube videos, and now is used by homeschoolers and in classrooms all over. Even Harvard and MIT have gotten in on the action. Unfortunately, most MOOCs aren't widely available for college credit. However, there are a few exceptions. Both Coursera and Udacity offer a few classes, that if mastered, can count for college credit that may be applicable towards your degree program. Even some universities have announced plans to make a handful of undergraduate massive open online courses available for credit to anyone who was interested that they could then count toward their degree or transfer to their institution of choice.

Below is a link to a listing of all the different ways you can get college credits from MOOCs:

Whether you use free Massive Open Online Courses to expand your knowledge skills or to earn college credits, they are an awesome resource right at the tip of your fingers. You could converse with peers from all around the world interested in the same subject as you, learn from some of the best professors, and "virtually" sit in some of the most prestigious classrooms- all for FREE! I would definitely take advantage of these, if you haven't already.

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