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You Can Still Work Part-Time and Pay Your Way Through College

Remember those long- forgotten days when one could work a summer job (or part-time through the school year) and literally have enough for that year's college tuition? In our parent's day a student could earn enough in one 8-hour period to pay for one college credit hour. With a typical semester being about 12 credits, it would only take that student working full time two weeks to pay for a whole semester's worth of classes. A productive summer job would have earned enough money to cover tuition, room and board, AND have extra spending cash for the upcoming year. But not anymore. Unfortunately, today's average tuition would require a student to work full time year-round (at minimum wage) to cover just the basics! It now takes an average of 60-70 hours of minimum wage work to pay off ONE CREDIT HOUR! (And that doesn't include room and board, textbooks, or misc. costs!) Most students can't even begin to afford college without the help of family or financial aid.

So, the myth of "working your way through college" is dead...or is it? Maybe it is for a traditional four-year brick and mortar school, but what about all those other nontraditional options available to you? What if you could still work a summer job or part-time and pay your way through college? It's possible if you do it "College Out of the Box" way. With the cost of an average CLEP or DSST test costing around $80.00 (with the potential to earn you anywhere between 3-12 credits) and the average self-paced ACE accredited online course being around $100-$200 (for a total of 3-6 credits), you can! My son was able to work a part time job, study in the mean time, and when he earned enough money for either a test or class, he would pay for it. It was pay as you go. Since the credits bank for up to 20 years there was no rush. Plus he spent some time entering contests and applying for cash scholarships which helped as well. He was able to apply his winnings to the classes he needed to take. After some scholarships and cash winnings, his whole accredited degree cost him around $3,000 and it was paid for by a high schooler working a part-time job!

The American Dream once was that if you worked long and hard enough you would have enough money to graduate with a good degree, without any debt, and land yourself the perfect job. And we still seem to think that motto works. However, college tuition is one of the fastest rising costs and it has become practically impossible to be able to pay it without outside help. Students now graduate with THOUSANDS of dollars in debt. There is a vast amount of unemployment and underemployment for college graduates. Many are working in jobs that don't require any type of degree, and now these students are finding that they need to move back home due to all the factors working against them.

Well, I'm here to tell you that there is a better way! Let's get that American Dream back! College may not be for everyone, but everyone can afford college- College Out of the Box way! Find out how it can work for you. Watch the Free You Tube Seminar, check out the FB page or website, or order your EBook today! You can still "work your way through college" no matter what your age!