I am just fascinated with the Bible! Every time I read it I seem to find something there that I never saw before. Did you know that the entire Word of God is about the Word Himself, Jesus Christ? The whole thing, every word, revolves around one person.

Unfortunately, many people (both Christians and Jews) do not believe Jesus appears at all in the Old Testament, and especially in the Pentateuch (the first five books of the Bible). In fact, most do not realize that the ENTIRE Old Testament is all about Jesus. But actually, all sixty- six books of the Bible are woven together into a single storyline about one person. Every bit of Scripture points to Jesus Christ whether it be through types and shadows, or symbols and plot-lines. The entire Old Testament testifies of Jesus and points us to our One True Deliverer! God constantly reveals WHO is at the center of His unfolding redemptive story. 

So take a trip with me through the Old Testament and discover how God consistently reveals His son, Jesus, whether it be through imagery in the Garden of Eden, through the offerings and feasts of Israel, exemplified through the priesthood, through various people as types, or through the ancient Jewish wedding ceremony. Let's see if we can ascertain if the name of Jesus actually appears in the Pentateuch or if He Himself appears. We'll study the wilderness Tabernacle, how it was built, and the items within it to expose the hidden symbolism which all point to our Savior. We'll cover how Jesus is characterized through the Laws and Covenants, how He fulfilled prophecies, and how He is represented through the names of specific locations found in ancient Israel. 

I pray that from now on, as you read Scripture, God opens your eyes to our


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Our Deliverer Revealed: Finding Jesus Throughout The Old Testament